The History of WASOT-UK

WASOT-UK has developed from THE WANANGWE SCHOOL AND ORPHANAGE TRUST FUND (WASOT) which was formed in December 2000 to support the work of Hezron Mc'Obewa with Aids orphans in his home area of Western Kenya.
Hezron went to Victoria College in Jersey for his A levels, he then studied medicine at Nottingham University, supported by another Jersey trust.

It was during a research project as part of his course in June 2000 that he realised the extent of the problem of Aids in his home area (Kisumu). He initially helped a small group of orphans, but this has rapidly grown to include all members of the communities and led to the formation of the OGRA Foundation in 2002. He often returned to Kenya in his vacations to develop the work of OGRA.
He qualified as a doctor in July 2003 and continued his training at Derby Hospital before his return to Kenya permanently in November 2007 to lead the NGO that he started several years before. Now he is executive director of the OGRA Foundation, which is a large NGO registered in Kenya with over 100 staff and many more volunteers, with the motto “Giving hope, Saving lives”

All funds raised by WASOT-UK are sent to OGRA Foundation. The officers in both Jersey and UK are honorary so admin expenses are close to zero. WASOT-UK is a charity registered in both Jersey and England.